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Agera House Modernization & Extensions is your trusted partner in creating safe and stylish fences. Ensure your safety with us, where professionalism in fence installation meets modern design.

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Proud milestones in top-tier fence installation and crafting services across England. Explore our industry benchmarks.
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With a rich 6-year history in the fencing industry, we take pride in having thousands of delighted customers.
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Join the ranks of our 1000 delighted customers who have experienced excellence in fence installation and crafting. Your satisfaction is our priority.
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agera fence

With a rich 6-year history in the luxury fence sector, we proudly serve thousands of delighted customers. As we embark on our expansion journey, launching our website and Facebook page, discovering our premium fence services in the UK, including Basildon and London, is now effortlessly convenient.
Our venture began by addressing common issues — deteriorating fences, collapse risks, constant repainting needs, and hefty repair costs. We recognize the significance of cost in these decisions. Experience the difference in our approach as we redefine fencing solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Discover top-tier solutions in fence installation and crafting. Explore our comprehensive offerings, setting industry benchmarks with excellence.

luxury fence

We are a luxury fence suppliers and installers (if needed we can remove your old fence as well

bin storages

Also we can make a bin storages and garden gates to match your new fence.

garden gates

Garden gates are made from exact materials as the fence. We are using the same posts to make a frame and the same infills as the fence with adjustable hinges and heavy-duty handles and lock.

This luxury fence doesn't only look nice but it is maintenance FREE

This luxury fence doesn’t only look nice, but it is maintenance FREE, that means you don’t need to spend your money on refreshing your fence ever again.  It will stand for many many years and you don’t need to worry any more if it’s windy: IT WILL STAY THERE WHERE IT WAS BEFORE THE WIND!!

Installation process:

Step 1:
removing the old fence (if needed)

Step 2:
pre-drilling/pre-digging holes, around 800mm in depth for your new metal posts (which will hold any wind, no problem)
Step 3:
installing new posts
Step 4:
Install brackets for gravel board or let the fence go straight to ground level.
Step 5:
Installing U shaped profiles to each side of the posts 
Step 6:
Install your fence by attaching sections with 4 zinc-plated screws. Customize gaps—opt for a 20mm solid look.
Step 7:
Install post covers and caps for each post—front and back—to conceal screws. Top each post with a cap to prevent rain ingress.
Step 8:
Installing your new garden gates if you have one and requested 
Step 9:
Installing your bin storage if you need one and requested 
Step 10:
Handed over to the client


Premier Fence Installation and Crafting Services in England. Discover affordable excellence in fence design and construction.

Original fence:

  • 1. Nice thick fence panel 5x6 cost around
    £50 - £75
  • 2. Concrete post around
  • 3. Gravel board around
    £35 - £40
  • 4. installation (labour) around
    £70 - £100
  • 5. Total cost comes to around
    £250 (this is for 1830mm x 1830mm) 
Plus maintenance which is around every 3-5 years if you want to look your fence nice and fingers crossed you won’t have any wind damage during that time.

Our fence:

1. Our fence:
£259 plus VAT (1830mm x 1830mm) and that is ALL IN, which includes delivery, installation and the actual modern fence. But the main beauty is that you don’t need to worry about repainting or any other maintenance works, it will stand there decades for no attention needed.
So in all of that, everyone’s a winner. You are saving money, enjoying your new modern fence with no stress, because we will do everything for you. Just make a phone call or send an email with your request and we will take it from there.  


Fence Portfolio: Experience, safety, aesthetics. We create outstanding projects with an individual approach and high quality.


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we provide answers to key questions.

4 to 6 weeks.

It’s up to you. Depends on what size gaps you want between the sections.

For the standard garden size to remove the old fence ( if needed) around 1d and to install new one 2 to 3 days. So we can say i total around the week.

No. You need just to clean the dirt if needed.

Yes. Handles and lock with keys come as standard.

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